Thursday, September 9, 2010


Recently I have been reading alot about self-sufficiency, homesteading, etc. Books from the library, blogs and magazines. So much to learn and choose from. Living a life of simplicity is really not that simple. So much research to be done and lots of trail and error. One of my favorite blogs has a post this week about aquaponics. This is something completely new to me. We have been discussing how we would love to have a fish pond in our front island to grow fish to eat. Probably trout or catfish. The aquaponics systems enables you to do this without having to use alot of space. We wouldn't buy a system but build one of our own. You know how Scott is about reusing items that we have found, plus with him working for a steel company there is bound to be something we could use. Maybe thinking of implementing this next year. Another new blog I have found interesting is With chickens now part of our life I have been reading everything I can get my hands on to learn more. Also discussing the possibility of adding on to the coop in the Spring and adding more chickens. Bigger and better layers. Also interested in getting a subscription to this magazine I read so many blogs sometimes I forget to share the info with everyone else. I will try to make it a weekly occurrence to share some of the blogs I find interesting. You might like them too.


Frances said...

Thanks! I will check those blogs out. We don't live simply, really, but I love to read blogs about it.

Maybe someday we will.

Beck's Bounty said...

You might enjoy COUNTRYSIDE magazine too.