Monday, August 9, 2010

Random Items

Finished our first science experiment of the year. Each apple was peeled and put in a bowl. The apple of the left was the control apple and the apple submerged in a salt/baking soda mixture is the experiment. These are the same type chemical that Egyptians mummified people in.

The control apple looked better than the mummified apple. The only real differences were the color and that mold was starting to grow on the mummified apple.
Today we went to the library to pick up some on hold items and I picked about 5 cds to make a choice from for our next composer study. We just finished Brahms. I was looking for a composer that lived during the Civil War era but not from America. I have narrowed it down to these five, it is going to be a hard choice: Antonin Dvorak, Richard Wagner, Jean Sibelius, Frederic Chopin and Claude Debussy.
Went by the produce store on the way home. We are flying through bananas these days. Got a cantaloupe for dinner and gave some chopped up bits to the chickens. They actually like these. So far I have found that they like - cantaloupe, bread and strawberries. They do not like apples or tomatoes. Looking forward to the time we will be getting some eggs from them even if they will be on the small side.
Lots of cleaning and organizing going on around the house today. Yesterday Grace played with the legos for like 5 hours. Today she decided to sort them all, which is what she is still working on. I have swept, washed and folded clothes, cleaned bathrooms, put away dishes, and just generally picked up items from around the house and put them in their correct location.

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The Zoo Keeper said...

Oh Dvorak!!!! Interesting arrangements.