Friday, August 6, 2010

Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy

We love all of Jeannie Fulbright's books. In the past two years we have gone through Zoology 1 and 3. This year it is the human body, and boy were we not disappointed. This book is incredible. Grace absolutely loves it and I think it will be her favorite subject throughout this year. The journal notebook that goes with it is equally impressive. Today we started reading about the cell's anatomy and function. The analogy Jeannie uses in the book to help children understand it is right on. Below is the start of a diagram of a cell that Grace started today and we will finish up on Monday. I hope to share photos on Monday from the experiment and a jello project to produce a cell. We also get to check on our experiment on Monday, so that should be exciting. Other subjects cover today were: foreign language, history, reading, grammar, Missionary Stories from the Millers, math, spelling, scripture memory, Bible, and literature.


DeanO said...

Looks like a great book - I wish more kids had books like this one

The Unsell Family said...

We just started this as well and we too are loving it! This was the first time that I invested in the workbooks to go along with the study and I am not regretting it even though it was expensive to get 4 of them! They are really enhancing our kids learning. We will be doing the jello cell this weekend. ;-)