Thursday, August 26, 2010

Chicken Trouble

A few days ago we spotted one chicken with a swollen shut eye. Still eating, happy, etc. A couple of days later the other eye. Still eating, happy, etc. Now another chicken is starting with an eye problem, no discharge from eyes or nostrils. I think I am hearing some sneezing. This morning first chicken has both eyes closed and not moving around as much. Went to the feed store and purchased some powdered antibiotic to add to the water daily and stopped feeding chicken scratch and went back to the medicated starter growth feed. I don't think the one chicken will get better but we are hoping and praying that everyone else will be okay. To compound the problem we are headed out of town in the morning. Wasn't planning on anyone having to deal with the chickens for a couple of days.


The Zoo Keeper said...

I'll come check on them and feed them for you if you want. I can do antibiotics.

Frances said...

I sure hope your chickens are okay.

Tanya said...

Sounds like a conjunctivitis to me and you certainly don't want it going right through the flock. I would quarantine the affected birds straight away and get some treatment for the eyes. The antibiotics sound like a good idea. Take a look at the feed next, healthy stable birds are resistant to illness. We find it easier to feed a good pellet that is already nutritionally balanced for the chooks. I know from the pictures that your hen enclosure is open and airy. While chickens scratch up really well, Craig also does some spade turnings in the soil in the chicken area to keep everything sweet and the microbial action moving. They love to dustbath so you don't want them wallowing in their own excrement.