Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Back to Nature Study

We haven't done any Nature Challenges since May and I felt like it was time to start back. Still in the middle of a study of flowers. Grace received some carnations on the last night of performances so we decided to use those. She did a journal page and we looked up some information on the net about them. When we were researching found out that it's name Dianthus which is Greek and means "dios" referring to the god Zeus, and "anthos" mean flower. Thus they are called "The Flowers of God". This is interesting with all the Percy Jackson reading we are doing, including Zeus. Below is Grace's nature study journal page.
Today was our third day back to school and she did so fabulous. Attitude was great, we were at the table at 9 a.m. to get started and she got all her book work done in 2 1/2 hours. We still have some schoolish things to do this afternoon with volunteer time at the library and a private art lesson. Today we did: Science, Grammar, History, Spelling, Cursive, Art, Math, Bible, Scripture Memory, Literature, Geography, and Nature Study. When setting up our daily schedules I really thought all of this would be too much, but she has proved to me that when she puts her mind to it and with Charlotte Mason's shorter lessons it is very doable. Really enjoying reading The Silver Chair and being back in the Land of Narnia. Also enjoying reading at night The Percy Jackson Series together and for independent reading she is back to the Warrior Series.

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Frances said...

Beautiful journal page. School at your house sounds like a lot of fun!