Sunday, August 15, 2010

Dropping Volleyball

As much as Grace enjoyed volleyball we just had to drop it. September was going to be taken over by games and practices. Also alot of the away games were up to two hours away. That was just going to cut into our family time too much. Not to mention she wouldn't be able to participate with an upcoming pottery class and some drama classes, which we all know is her first love. We are very excited by the fact that we went to a meeting at the Community Theater this weekend about a new children/teen drama group they are putting together. Had a good turn out of about 20 kids/teens. They will be meeting either once a week or month with classes offered in anything from stage makeup, costume design, auditioning, improve, acting, etc. as well as more performances for the kids to participate in. Dropping volleyball also opens us back up to auditioning for The Best Christmas Pageant Ever in September. Needless to say Grace is very excited. Also found out that Jennifer Anniston is filming a movie here in our small town and has already been sighted in a couple of places.


The Zoo Keeper said...

a movie filmed here???? Cool!

Chris said...

With my littles being 4, things are pretty busy still. I can just imagine when they are both older and wanting to participate in several different things. Even if they only do two each, that would be four a week, and that makes me feel too busy!

Did your daughter contact the film company to see if she could be an extra in the film? That would be a cool experience for here. I graduated undergrad with a film degree, and I've been an extra in a few things (although I'm more interested in the writing side). There might be a film bureau in the largest city to you, or contact the village administration since they'd need to have permits to film there.

Diane said...

To answer Chris' question: I have not applied for her be an extra in the film that is being filmed in our local city. Mostly because this one will probably be a rated R film and I am just not comfortable with that. At this point she likes the stage but someday we may branch out. She is also interested in going to college to major in theater and minor in art. But she is just 11 so obviously that could change in the blink of an eye. lol.