Sunday, August 1, 2010

Last Performance and Cast Party

It ended tonight. Good and bad. You meet these people while preparing for a performance and you kind of get like a family. This was a large cast with alot of kids. Everyone really enjoys what they do and it shows. Great first experience with the community theater and we will definitely do it again. Looking forward to auditions for The Best Christmas Pageant Ever to be performed the beginning of December. Grace is sitting down in the green in her Oz person costume.
One of the mothers that happens to be in our home school group made the cake for our cast party. She did an awesome job. I think she could definitely do one of those cake challenges on Food Network. So sorry to see it all end but looking forward to some down time in the month of August before drama starts back up at Trinity.


Frances said...

It sounds like you had so much fun! The Christmas one will be here before you know it.

That cake is beautiful!

Alex said...

What a cake!
We are considering joining a theatre group this fall, all 3 of my kids could attend.

Aknecht said...

Wish we could have seen the play. Hannah's youth group at church is planning on also doing The Best Christmas Pageant Ever.

The Zoo Keeper said...

Cake's incredible! Did Amy do that?

Roan said...

That is a fabulous cake!

I know y'all had so much fun with the production. When I was growing up, I participated in musicals in 9th-12th grades. Definitely great memories. My brother participated in our community theater as a child. I loved going to see those musicals.

Community theater is something I have not looked into....I think that my children would love to attend a production.....I wonder if any of them would like to participate......well, we better just start with attending a show! My plate is pretty full right now.

Thanks for visiting my blog. My husband remembers eating at the Varsity when he was a child, and we love Stone Mountain. We have tacked the children a couple of times, and that is where we took our honeymoon!

I hope the beginning of your school year goes smoothly. We are planning to begin Aug. 9th. I hope I am ready!

Deb said...

Wow, that cake is amazing! I wish I could do stuff like that. So glad your baby had fun in the play - what a great thing to do, I'm going to keep it in mind when my kids get old enough.