Thursday, August 12, 2010


Geography is always a hard subject for me to plan. In the past few years we haven't really done anything. So this year I wanted to do something that would not take long and only happened a couple of times a week. The above picture is of our map drills. This year we will concentrate on South and North America. I am taking the lead on this from Simply Charlotte Mason's site. I copied a map of South America and slid it in to a protective cover site. This way Grace can write on it if she wishes with erasable markers. I also created a page that she can match up with the numbers in a protective cover.

I printed this old book from The Baldwin Project, "Home Geography", it has basic information for probably elementary age. We will read over some of this later in the year. The picture below is something I printed up from another blog. Sorry can't remember where I saw it. It is of the most famous 100 places in the world. We will pick one each time we study geography, talk a little about it and locate it on a map.


The Zoo Keeper said...

Oooo....ooooo.....oooooo!!!! Can I take your geography stuff to Office Pros and have them copy it for me to use with my kiddos?! That's fantastic. I'm VERY impressed with you. By the way, I now call the muffins, "Diane's Muffins".

Debi said...

Nicely done. This makes a good keepsake too.
Inspiring! :)

The Unsell Family said...

I love geography! Enjoyed reading what you guys are doing this year.