Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Math Woes

Every year it is the same problem. Grace is unable to learn a math concept and keep it. Every year we spend the first three months reviewing concepts we have learned in all the previous years. It astounds me that she can do fractions but has trouble with elapsed time problems, rounding and estimating and sometimes even division. Once I do a quick review with her of a concept then she has it again. But a month or more down the road she may forget it again. Normally I don't worry about it, I am okay with the fact that she is probably 1-2 years behind in math. But at the end of this year is the dreaded standardized test and we are doing more review this year than we normally do to prepare for it. Last year we spent half the year on fractions. So she doesn't know alot about measurement and geometry. We also need to study alot about decimals and percents throughout this year. Sometimes it is just overwhelming. I don't want her to be discouraged about math or freak out when it comes time for the testing. Luckily our state does not require us to turn in any of the information just keep it on file at home. I know, crazy isn't it. The state requires you to do it but not turn it in.

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Kellie said...

My state has goofy rules like that too -- we have to track our hours, but we don't have to turn anything in. It doesn't sound like she's that far behind. My oldest who was in 6th last year spent the year studying fractions and decimals and maybe only a week or so on geometry. She will probably do much better than you think, and since the results don't really matter, don't worry about it.