Sunday, August 29, 2010

Civil War Field Trip While on Vacation

As many homeschoolers know you can't go on vacation without getting in a little educational field trip. When we return home we will finish up our history study of the Civil War. Here at Tybee Island is Fort Pulaski. There was a battle between the North and the South during 1862. Fascinating place to visit. Initially Grace was not interested because she thought hey this is vacation and I don't want to do anything educational. But once we got there she really loved it and even did her first ever Junior Ranger program and got her badge.
Spending time as a family has been great. This is the first trip that our 20 year old son has gone on with us in a while due to work and school.


The Zoo Keeper said...

Nathan got that jr. ranger badge this past fall.

Leslie said...

So glad y'all had a great vacation. Loved the pics! I would love to visit the lighthouse and the civil war park! We love those types of vacation spots. Hope you are able to go back again soon!