Friday, August 20, 2010

Fun Friday

Two Fridays a month we will be ditching regular school and doing some fun things. This morning we woke up and did a nature walk first thing. Took pictures of everything interesting we saw and brought it home to do journal pages in our nature journal. The above picture is a new book we picked up from the library this week about insects. It page is Internet connected. I asked Grace to pick a two page spread, read about it then go to the Internet linked pages. Next was a Home Ec project of learning how to set a table. We also picked up a book about recycling and I asked her to look through it then pick a project for us to start doing. We already do some of the projects listed like clothe napkins, no paper plates, clothe shopping bags, etc. Grace picked us starting to recycle. This weekend we will purchase a couple of plastic containers to collect each week then drop off at the recycling center. We only have two chapters left in The Silver Chair so we are going to start watching the movie today and compare it to the book. Tonight we will be attending an art gallery showing for an art field trip.
Deer Tracks

Unknown animal tracks

Marshy area we found with cat tails

Two types of mushroom not yet identified


Kristen said...

Great pictures! It looks like a great day out with nature...those mushrooms are particularly interesting.

All American x5 said...

Sounds like FUN!!!

Too hot to get outside around here. I will be glad when we can actually get back out there and enjoy nature not get a heat stroke!

The Zoo Keeper said...

We had fun! We never sat down and did anything in the journals. I'm going to print the pics this weekend and we'll work on that Monday. With errands, K coming over to work on biology with Julia, and needing to do other things Friday afternoon ran away very quickly.