Thursday, August 5, 2010

Another School Day

I promise today and tomorrow will be the last days for scheduling type posts. Since Grace has been so good about her school work the past three days I invited one of her friends to go to lunch with us and come hang out for the afternoon. I think Grace's favorites today was a book about Brahms for Composer Study and some German Cds we will be using for Foreign Language. Here is what Thursday's will look like throughout the year:

Thursday Schedule
Foreign Language
Composer Study
Read one chapter from Among the Forest People
Bible and Scripture Memory
Independent Reading for 30 minutes
Writing Workbook


Tracy said...

I love your posts about schooling! I am still in the first 2 years of HS'ing so I could use all the inspiration and ideas I can get! We love the unschooling approachc and I have been researching Charlotte Mason more and more! Hope Grace is enjoying it!

Leslie said...

Looks like y'all are being very productive! Congrats!

About the conference - it's about 4 hours from me. I'm considering going, but probably won't know until it gets closer. I'd love to meet you though if I do attend.