Wednesday, September 3, 2014

When Academic Plans Change

All our new sewing supplies ready for us to have time to sit down and get started
Well again you know what they say about the "Best Laid Plans". Sometimes they go awry. I thought we had this year in the bag as far as curriculum choices and that Grace would work hard so there would be no school this upcoming summer. So what has changed? A couple of her outside of the house classes are kicking her tail. I knew this year would be tough. What I didn't know was that her interests would take a nose dive. Some of this due to her time management skills or lack thereof and the other just a lot of school work.
Time spent marketing her new business, Princess Parties by Grace, has become nonexistent. Artwork for the art show in October - also nonexistent and the new pursuit of sewing. So tonight at dinner I offered Grace another option on how to finish all her subjects for this year. Literature, Spanish, Cooperative, and review products are taking up a large portion of her life right now which is leaving little time for history and science, let alone other personal endeavors. Grace jumped at the chance of my new idea - which is.......only work on history and science in bits and pieces for the moment but concentrate more of our efforts for those two subjects in the spring and summer months. This means five days a week of science and history in the summer to finish up those subjects. It sounds awful but right now it will give her some breathing room to pursue art, birthday party business, and learning how to sew.

Mapping class at Cooperative
Not to mention that she is a very young 10th grader only turning 15 three months ago. If it takes a little longer to finish 10th grade so what. Currently the child doesn't want to go to college - we aren't on any real time table other than what society tells us to do. Homeschooling is all about changing things up when we need and sometimes I know I really forget that. I get caught up in what everyone else is doing - especially now that we are in the high school years.

Merida costume ready for a princess party
I want her to enjoy her time as a young adult. Pursue some of her passions while she can before getting caught up in adult world. There is definitely more to life than earning six credits every year. As each year rolls by the more I see that there is more to life than earning the credit and the grade.


Sandra said...

Lucky Grace, having a mother who is prepared to make the space and time for her to pursue her passions before getting caught up in the adult world. Credits and grades may be important but, you're right. They aren't the only thing.

Beloved's Redheaded Bride said...

That is wonderful. I hope her passions bring her great delight! And, her summer will probably be a breeze with just some light work.