Monday, September 15, 2014

Life Through Pictures

Yesterday was a good day with my mom, sister, niece, and Grace. Started with a great service a church followed by lunch at the Mexican restaurant then shopping. We spotted this sweet little snail while picking up the rest of the crew for shopping. Grace discovered something interesting about snails while letting this one crawl on her hand. While licking her with it's tongue they do this thing called rasping to eat and sometimes it feels like stinging.

Another trip to the craft store for more supplies.

My new addiction. This was my third mocha frappe in three days. I like Starbuck's best but McDonalds is definitely cheaper and still tastes great. Taking a break from the frappes until next weekend.

Saw this guy on my mums this morning. Leafhopper or katydid?

A good bit of the weekend was used for getting to know my new sewing machine, showing Grace some basic sewing machine skills and cutting out my very first project every done by a pattern.

All in all it wasn't that hard. Of course this was one of the easiest patterns available. I did leave off the paw prints because believe it or not I couldn't figure out the fusible webb.

Grace after our walk tonight modeling the finished product. Next in line is buying some white fur to make a Hello Kitty lined hat. Some of my long time readers may remember that Grace has a big hat collection and the furry hats are some of her favorites.


A Candle to Read By said...

I love snails-when we had a fish tank, they were our favorite part. We saw a katydid (or whichever) on our back door window last night. Tonight, there was a beetle about the size of my palm on the front porch and a frog as big as I have ever seen. I wonder if the changing of the seasons is bringing more of these wonderful creatures out for us to see? I love them all!

Nicole said...

Love all the crafty goodness, Diane!!!

Unknown said...

You did an AMAZING job on that hat! So proud of you!!!