Monday, September 8, 2014

Freezing Eggs

Did you know that eggs can be frozen? Neither did I until recently. Even though my birds have started molting I am still getting lots of eggs each day. What do you do when you have a refrigerator full of eggs (think 60 or more)? Well I start taking desperate measures including freezing. For some reason we haven't been eating a lot of eggs and I certainly haven't had time to for baking.

So instead of all these eggs vanquishing in my fridge I decided to take 36 of them and freeze them. First I washed all the eggs thoroughly. Next I cracked 10 - 12 at a time, mixed them, then added to ice cube trays to put in the freezer. I let them freeze overnight and put them all in a gallon freezer bag for storage in the deep freezer.

Now I can pull a few out to defrost anytime I want a scrambled egg sandwich or to bake some cookies. As soon as I use my first batch I will let you know how they turn out.

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