Thursday, September 11, 2014

Seasonal Fairies

I mentioned in a recent post a book I purchased about creating fairies. This book is so awesome and has so many cute little creations to make. Tonight I laid out all the supplies and me and Grace went to work. It is still a process to create just one fairy but we are getting faster and better.

Felt is used to create all the clothing that the fairies wear.

Yarn is used for hair.

Thread is used to wrap around the clothing for decoration and a pop of color.

Sequins and buttons are again used to decorate the clothing. The small wooden beads are the heads which can be left blank or a drawn face.

Artificial flowers are used to create a longer, larger, and more colorful dress.

We also used wire edged ribbon for wings and a little sewing for the hat. After she dries Grace will probably draw her a face. 

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