Saturday, September 20, 2014

And......The Sewing Continues

Over the past couple of days I have weeded out some time to pursue some of those passions I discussed in previous posts. Between hubby gone to work most of the weekend and Grace off to a friend's house I had lots of extra time on my hands. In the above photo is a another fairy creation. This time a mermaid fairy. So far she is my favorite.

Next on the sewing agenda was a little tooth fairy pillow. I love, love, love owls and thought this little one is precious. Of course I no longer have any children losing teeth but thought I could give it to another family that does or maybe use it for something else.

Next was getting back to some machine sewing with a quilt that was in dire need of being finished. over the past couple of weeks before the sewing machine was purchased I had hand sewed all the remaining squares. I was able to attaché three long strips of squares to the already sewn quilt top. I hope over the next week to have the quilt top finished. Then it will be off to the fabric store again to purchase batting and fabric for the back of the quilt. Plus Grace wants another furry hat that is white with the Hello Kitty materials we already have for the contrast. Only difference this time is she will put this one together now that I understand the whole process. It is kind of hard to teach another person how to use a pattern and sew something when you are learning at the same time. Now that I know how to make the fuzzy hat I can walk Grace through it confidently.

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