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TOS Review - Institute for Excellence in Writing - Fix It! Grammer: The Nose Tree Book 1

Fix It! Grammar Review
Grammar is a subject that both myself and Grace enjoy. We felt very privileged and blessed to get the opportunity to review Fix It! Grammar: The Nose Tree (Teacher's Manual Book 1) and Fix It! Grammar: The Nose Tree (Student Book 1) from Institute for Excellence in Writing. Many homeschooling families are familiar with this company through their writing programs, but may not be aware that they also have a grammar product.
Fix It! Grammar Review
Grammar is not a subject that we study every year in our homeschool and this year it was not scheduled. When the vendor application came to us I decided it might be a good product to use for the review period then save the remainder of the book to use next year when we had grammar back on the schedule. After using Fix It! Grammar for the past 6-8 weeks I think we will continue and maybe skip next year for grammar instead, or better yet use this program every year because it is so easy to use and implement into your day.
The Basics
Fix It! Grammar: The Nose Tree Teacher's Manual Book 1 - $19.00
Fix It! Grammar: The Nose Tree Student Book 1 - $15.00
Recommended for grades 3 - 12
We received both the teacher's manual and student book as physical products. You can purchase only the teacher's manual which will then give you a special link to print the student pages. The author of Fix It! Grammar is Pamela White and she has created a unique way to study grammar. It truly only takes a few minutes a day to work this into any curriculum plans. A placement test is available on the website to direct you to the appropriate level for your child to begin. A webinar is also available to explain exactly how to use this product in your home. The very first thing I did was watch the webinar before beginning and found it to be very informative and helpful.
The Process - How It Works
Each book is a story. Each weekly assignment is a portion of the story and each day is a sentence from the story. Every week the student learns a different grammar topic and applies it to all the subsequent weeks of learning. So far Grace has reviewed/learned nouns, homophones, end marks, articles, quotations, pronouns, which clauses, who clauses, and action verbs. We started with the first level book for review because I knew that there were quite a few grammar topics Grace had forgotten. There are six levels in the series.
The premise of Fix It! Grammar is that the student and teacher review the grammar topic of the week together on day one as well as fix any mistakes in that day's sentence. This continues for 4 days then the student will write the entire sentence in it's correct form. There is a checklist at the top of each page so that the student is reminded to check each grammar topic that might need corrected in the daily sentence. Grammar cards (think flash cards) are also provided to help the student remember when needed. Both books contain a glossary in the back with a plethora of grammar information. Oh, and each sentence also contains a vocabulary word which is defined in the teacher's manual.
Grace and I both really like this product. We used it three times a week. Since Grace is in high school we would do 2-3 sentences a day as opposed to the recommended one a day approach. Retention has been great. This product would be a wonderful addition for any family but I especially think Charlotte Mason homeschooling families would enjoy the short, easy, gentle approach of this product. Learning a large amount of grammar in a short time each day.
I high recommend Fix It! Grammar: The Nose Tree, Teacher and Student Manual from Institute for Excellence in Writing. We will definitely be finishing this level and hopefully moving on to the next level. Be sure to check out what other Crew Members think of this product.
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I've always heard such good things about this. I may need to check it out since we don't do any kind of grammar really.