Saturday, September 13, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up - Sewing Week

I thought this week I would do Weekly Wrap Up a little different. Kind of like a week in pictures. We visited the library and checked out a lot of different types of books this go around. Grace checked out fashions and fairies. I took on some more sewing and craft books for more ideas

One night was all about fairy making.

One night was learning how to cut out patterns and showing Grace the basics of how to use a sewing machine.

This is a funny photo. Grace loves to color code everything. She seriously asked me last night to please keep it that way.

I got two new books for Grace to read for her devotion times each day. The first is Before You Meet Prince Charming, which she has already started and once she finishes that one she will move on to Growing Up Duggar.

We are continuing to work on four review products for the TOS Review Crew. A new one came in the week this week from Apologia. Some of the others are Rock Star Essay, Fix It! Grammar, and Standard Deviants Online Courses.
Grace has been pouring most of her time into her Spanish and Literature class. The first book for Literature was The Outsiders and she absolutely loved it. Hoping this afternoon to actually sit down and watch the movie so she can compare it to the book. She was very worried about this week's Spanish quiz but surprised herself and got every single answer right. She also accomplished a little Biology, American History, and Personal Finance. Monday we ate dinner over at my parent's house with the rest of the family and afterward Grace went to the fair. It was good to be around the family.  All in all it was a fairly productive week.

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Sandra said...

I wish I was a crafter but I'm not. So I enjoy getting my fix second hand here!