Saturday, May 11, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up and Homeschool Review

What We Discussed or Studied
Herb Study - Violets
Middle East, Israel, and Jordan
White House
Agriculture in California
Order of Operations


What We Are Reading
Book of Matthew
When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit (Finished)
Yellow Star

Classes Attended
Essay Writing
Drama (Multiple Practices)

Review We Are Working On
High School Prep Genius
Making Math Real
See The Light
Lets Make a Web Page
Spanish For You
Geography by Memoria Press

I have to admit that school was lacking a bit this week due to three performances of Aladdin and all that involved. On Wednesday I posted a review of Spanish For You. Currently it is one of Grace's favorite things we do. We hope to continue it throughout the summer and into the next year. I think I am learning just as much as she is. During the daytime this week Grace spent a lot of time with puppy playing crazy games.

All of our school work is starting to wind down for the year. There are a few things that we will work on during the summer, such as: reviews from TOS Review Crew, Spanish, Math, and Herb Study.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Hopping in from Weekly Wrap UP at Weird Unsocialized...
Looks like you had some fun this week. Love some of the topics you discusses like herbs/violets and Integers. :)
--Renee @ Great Peace Academy

Erin D - The Usual Mayhem said...

Ah - that answers my question - I was wondering if you were still doing the herb study.

Looks like a really nice week, Diane!

How did you like When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit? I've been on the fence about reading it.

Karen said...

Another great week Diane. Show weeks are always hectic. Love the Aladdin pictures! Are you using a curriculum or book for your herb study? Happy Mother's Day