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TOS Review - See The Light - Art Projects - Dreams of Joseph

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See The Light is a company created by Dave and Pat Holt. The Holts have a love for Jesus, children, and art. They have put together a winning combination in the products they offer through their website. For this review we were asked to use and give our thoughts about Art Projects - Dreams of Joseph

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Pat Kneply is the master artist featured in the Art Projects line of DVDs. Pat has a degree in art education as well as a teaching credential. Along with being the featured artist for the Art Projects series she also teaches art to kids in California.  The Art Projects line of 9 DVDs features nine different famous artists. The DVD lesson we were sent to review highlighted Marc Chagall. Each DVD contains aspects of art history, art elements, and art principles. On our DVD we covered Surrealism, Symbolism, Fauvism, Color, Shape, Movement, Balance, and Wet - on - Wet painting. Dreams of Joseph contains 4 lessons each running about 30 minutes. The author of this project recommends it for 10 years and older and it retails for $14.99. A monthly subscription is available for the Art Projects DVDs that will save you some money bringing the DVD to $12.50 each. Ms. Kneply also recommends to do one lesson a week which will give you a month of art lessons. Here is a list of materials the student will need to complete the project:

12 x 16 white poster board or manila bristol
craft paint in multiple colors
paper plates with wax coating
paint brushes
newspaper or old tablecloth
bowl for water
paper towels
pencil and eraser

Dreams of Joseph intertwines a study of Marc Chagall's work with the story of Joseph from the Bible.

How We Used the Product and What We Thought

Many of my blog readers and friends know that Grace draws constantly. Just like her father she always has a pencil and paper close by to sketch or doodle. This does not translate to painting. Painting seems to intimidate her, maybe because she feels she has more control with a pencil than paintbrush. Regardless we forged ahead with Dreams of Joseph. We did one lesson a week of this art project finishing in plenty of time for this review. The first lesson found us at the kitchen table painting while watching the DVD on my computer. The following three lessons were accomplished in the TV room watching on the DVD player. For some reason after the first time on my computer, the DVD would not open up again to watch. We had plenty of art supplies around the house and did not have to buy anything. Pat was a great art teacher. Easy to listen to and easy to follow along. Occasionally we would pause the lesson to paint more before moving on to the next step. Grace was not thrilled with her finished product (probably because she did not put as much effort in it as her drawings), but she is very game to try one of the other Art Projects DVDs that uses colored pencils, etc. Another reason I wanted to review this product was to check it out for a possible class in our cooperative in the Fall. One of my favorite aspects of this program is the fact that you don't have to pay extra to use it in a class format, which I confirmed by email with See The Light. I plan on purchasing more of the project DVDs to use at home with Grace as well as in our fine arts cooperative. I truly love the way Biblical stories and scripture are shared while creating wonderful pieces of art.  Please visit See The Light and see all the wonderful products they have available.

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