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TOS Review - Joyce Herzog - Luke's Life List and Luke's School List

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Joyce Herzog is a well known name in the homeschooling community. She is associated most with Scaredy Cat Reading System, but has a slew of other available products. We were asked to use and review Luke's Life List and Luke's School List through the TOS Review Crew.

Let's start off with learning a little about Dr. Herzog. As I mentioned above she is the author of many educational products, teacher of students with learning disabilities, counselor, and speaker at many conferences and conventions. Dr. Herzog has many credentials including  earning her a doctorate in 1995 and has spoken to audiences throughout North America since 1992.

The two books we were asked to use and review are Luke's Life List and Luke's School List. They are companion books that complement one another. The premise and names of the books were inspired from Luke 2:52, "And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man." Both books are considered a daily planner, IEP, Scope and Sequence, and lesson planner. If you are anything like me you will really like this set of books. I am a type A personality that loves making lists and checking the items off as they are accomplished. Imagine the largest list you could think of - that is Luke's Lists. Life skills, growth ( Biblically and physically), social skills, hygiene, vocation skills, government, economics, and all academic subjects. That is just naming a few.

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This set of books is recommended for parents of children from birth - 8th grade, although Luke's Life List could be used up to young adulthood. Many parents, especially homeschooling parents, worry about missing gaps in their children's educational path. Using both of the Luke's list books should set their minds at ease. Of course even the author states it is impossible to have a master list of everything a child should know.

Each book begins with a section about how to use the books, develop IEPs, and how to teach anything. Luke's School List will come as a spiral bound soft cover book including 160 pages. Luke's Life List will come the same with 134 pages. Each book retails for $30.00.

How We Used This Product and What We Thought

When I first started reading through the books I was overwhelmed. So much material. Also in Luke's School List, I thought, "Man, we haven't covered half of this stuff." Then I took a deep breath and dove in. I decided to go through each book thoroughly and wrote down the page numbers of all the sections we needed to concentrate on. We went over many pages in Luke's Life List that pertained to learning and deciphering Wisdom, as well as the history of the Bible. With Grace finishing up 8th grade this year I feel we will get more use out of the Luke's Life List. Both books would be best to start from an early age even birth but not necessary. A lot of the information in the beginning of both books we had passed many years ago.  On that same note I really liked the lists of subject areas for history, science, and cultural skills in Luke's School List. I do plan to continue to refer back to both books when needed to refresh our minds on some of the materials out there we should be learning.

Sample of Luke's Life List

Sample of Luke's School List

Please be sure to visit Joyce Herzog and see all the wonderful products and services she has available. Also be sure to check out Luke's Life List and Luke's School List.

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