Monday, May 27, 2013

Art Festival Update

Saturday found us at "A Day at the Fort" festival. This day is set aside to celebrate the history of Fort Hollingsworth each year and Saturday was the 18th celebration. A friend's aunt owns the property. She was born in the house and lived there until she graduated from high school. Fort Hollingsworth has a rich history which you can read about here. Each year she allows a few art vendors into the festival and Grace was chosen to be one. The day could not have been better as far as weather was concerned. For the past 3-4 weeks it had rained ever weekend. It was a comfortable 76 degrees. There was lots of music, food, history, and a Civil War reenactment. This was Grace's first festival and we learned a lot, especially about pricing, booth set up, and increasing inventory of her product. The only problem which was a main one - sales were dismal. I think it was very disappointing for her to do all the work and not see much for it. Next on the agenda will be an arts festival named The Big Read Apple Festival in September. There will be much more foot traffic at that one and she should see more sales. 

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