Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Herb Fairies Update - The Study of Plantain

The month of May is devoted to the herb Plantain. Yesterday Grace read the first two chapters of the book and we started right in on one of the recipes. This is a butter spread to use on bread. I was missing one ingredient. It is supposed to be orange mint butter but no mint could be found. 

Final product tastes good with a heavy citrus taste. Of course if you make a butter you also need to make fresh bread. Hubby loves bread and fresh baked bread just makes his day. Plantain was very easy to find in a field off of our main road. We are looking into drying it and using at a later date since it is in such abundance.

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Nicole said...

We are a tad bit behind! Need to get to the Plantain before it's all gone! The kids are loving the stories, though. They ask about them every day.