Thursday, January 19, 2012

Typical Thursday

Each day of the week has a certain flow to it for us. Today being Thursday we have a couple of classes outside the home to work in to our schedule. Thursdays are more of a Fine Arts kind of day with a little bit of book work mixed in. Grace's favorite day because I don't schedule any math. Typically we do a bit of book work before lunch:

Science - Correct missed questioned from yesterday. Read a certain amount of pages and answer more questions. Currently finishing up the last lessons in Exploring Anatomy from Jeannie Fulbright.
Nature Study - Read a lesson from Mary's Meadow which is a Discovering Nature Series from Queen Homeschool. Today's lesson is about bulbs. Grace will find four different types of flowers that grow from bulbs, draw a picture of each, and write down their latin names.
Art - Finish art homework from Monday's drawing class. Working on hands in different poses.
Vocabulary - An activity from Wordly Wise grade 7.
Independent Reading - 30 minutes from The Hunger Games or Naruto.

After lunch we head off to her mixed media art class for an hour. Once we get home from art class if there is any book work left to be finished this would be the time to take care of it. Later this afternoon we have a two hour practice with ministry drama team. Preparing for another performance on Febuary 1st. In between all of this I am sure she will be working on the computer any time she can fit in. Grace spends hours using her bamboo pad to draw on the computer and well as other graphic arts software.

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