Friday, January 13, 2012

So Much Running Through My Head These Days

So many projects we want to accomplish. So many future dreams we want to achieve. The past two weeks have been a real adjustment for our family. Hubby is now back to working five days a week. The previous year was a great break on working three days a week with the same pay and benefits. We were able to accomplish so much with all the extra time we had, now not so much. Me and Grace miss having him around the house, miss his extra help, miss going out to lunch, etc. All this upheaval has brought to light alot of discussions and plan making. A two year goal has been established. Why two years? Well, most of our consumer debt should be gone 24 months. All car and motorcycle notes will be paid in full. Car insurance will be readjusted to liability only. Our one credit card will be paid off. More savings (hopefully) will be stashed in the bank. One loan will be paid in full. This will leave us with just house note, electricity, netflix, phone, car insurance, gas for transportation, tithe to church, food, and health insurance. We are hoping to bring hubby closer to home with a different job. The drive five days a week is killing him. Two and a half hours each day. Not to mention transportation costs. We want to enlarge the garden and egg production to do some farmers markets. Also considering growing mushrooms on our very shaded, woody lot for extra income. Time to really tighten the belt. This next week we will be eating out of the pantry. Other than milk and bread and maybe some cheese, no other purchases from the grocery store until Friday. Only one day a week for eating out, probably after church on Sundays. No clothing purchases (we really have all we need). This will be tough because we already are very much cut back in expenses. As far as I am concerned two years can't come fast enough.

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Fran said...

I know where you are coming from. I love my job but each day it gets harder to get up and do a days work and I am so tired when I get home. We too have a plan, we can support each other through the next couple of years xxxxx