Sunday, January 15, 2012

Seed Lists Finished

So far I have received 8 seed catalogs so far in this new year. It is always fun pouring over the catalogs and deciding what we want to grown in the garden for the upcoming year. I settled on three different companies to order from, with the exception of the mushroom plugs that we haven't decided on yet. First lists is for Johnny's Selected Seeds.
Ridgeline Romaine
Crispino Iceburg
Bioset Kitchen Salad Garden (for growing sprouts)
Red Gold Early Potatoes
Alfalfa Seeds for Sprouting
Mung Bean Seeds for Sprouting
Buckwheat Seeds for Sprouting

Next is my largest list from Seed Savers.
Climbing French Bean
Lazy Housewife Bean
Bronze Arrowhead Lettuce
Forellenschluss Lettuce
Australian Brown Onion
American Spinach
Crystal Apple Cucumbers
Lemon Balm
Peppers in Transplant Form (Jimmy Nardello's and Orange Bell)
Tomatoes in Tramsplant Form (Amish Paste)
Desiree Red Potatoes

Last but not least will be coming from R.H. Shumway's.
Chicken Lettuce Mix
Old Timey Heritage Blend Greens
Bonvivant Meschlin Blend
Corn Salad
Sprout Mix
Herb Mill
Yukon Gold Potatoes
Silver Queen Corn
Goliath Field Corn for the chickens
Danvers Halflong Cucumbers

I will be ordering this every 2-4 weeks when we get paid.

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Fran said...

I know most of these, but some have some terrific names - ie Lazy Housewife Beans (I'm assuming you dont have to string it before cooking?). We cannot get Stevia here at the moment, but it is one thing that I am looking out for in the future. You are going to be busy with this lot! xxx