Sunday, January 22, 2012

Food Storage

We live in a small cabin. Storage is at a premium. So we have to make use of every little nook and crany for food storage, or make it up as we go along. In the past six months stocking food has been a priority for us. Of course only when the funds are available. I have only purchased items that I know we will eat.

Yesterday was a big shopping day. $289.00 was spent. I informed the hubby that this needs to last us for at least two weeks. No shopping except for bananas, bread, and milk. $40.00 of the $289.00 was two pair of work jeans for Scott and a tarp to go over part of the chicken run. Last night I did cook the first of our dried potatoes from this past summer. Actually I have cooked some in a soup that Scott ate but this was the first real dish. I re hydrated the scalloped potatoes in water for 3-4 hours and then made a cheesy scalloped potatoes side dish for dinner. The consistency turned out just right. So this summer I see alot more drying of potatoes.

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