Sunday, January 1, 2012

Prepping for the New Year

We were blessed to receive some money for Christmas. A list of prepping items was already floating around the house as a wish list. Here is a list of upcoming projects that the money will fund:

Pond to raise catfish - the pond is already built and catching rain water to fill it up. A large quantity of activated charcoal was purchased to filter the water. Hoping to have the pond full of water in the next month. So the next step will be building the filter and purchasing the catfish.

Upgrades on chicken coops - this was mentioned in the previous post and just about finished.

Food Storage - Extra food was purchased this month to expand our food storage. But we still have a long way to go.

Indoor garden - grow lights have been purchased to create an indoor growing opportunity for greens and herbs.

Garden supplies - The garden will be bigger this year. Seed orders will start going out the end of January. I hope to grow a couple of extra rows this year for our church's food pantry and to use to barter with a friend that has raw milk and butter.

Growing the flock - We will either let the game fowl sit on eggs and give us some more chicks or buy 6 more from the local feed store in the spring. Love raising baby chicks and building a larger flock.

Buying a truck - we are looking in to buying a used truck sometime this year to help haul wood, etc. We do have a friend that has two trucks that we might actually just be able to barter the use of it and give them eggs and veggies from the garden.


Kelly Rhoades said...

I plan for the entire back area where I had some potatoes this year to be garden next year including in my little fenced area. We'll be preserving more food next year.

Free Spirit Beth said...

Roger has an idea that will make gardening easier for me to get around. WE are going to till up two rows and then leave enough space for the mower to get through and then plow up another on and so on.... As we are aging it is getting more difficult to get through one large garden area to tend to and gather. He is calling it a victory garden without the raised gardening spots. We have lots of room do still have a large garden in doing this.

Fran said...

How lovely to be able to start the new year with some great planning ideas. Happy New Year to you and your family - take care xxxx