Friday, October 11, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up

I won't be going in any particular order. Thursday we went to see a production of Alice in Wonderland and afterward ate at Olive Garden. 

Tuesday at Cooperative was Heritage Day. Most of the kids dressed as their ancestors. Grace has German heritage but we had trouble finding a costume to wear. So recently we had learned that the Danes/Vikings pretty much took over everything early on so she decided to go as a Viking.

Grace has been pretty fascinated with all things Alice again and created a book mark as well as picked out thrift store finds to create a costume for the next anime convention.

Tonight we went to a Zumba class and Zaxbys for dinner. She is currently going through all of her costume accessories and sorting them in a new container with drawers. She has so much stuff it really needed to be sorted. 

This week Grace read about Charlemagne, nests that different birds make through our bird study, and how French took over as the official language after the Battle of Hastings. We are almost finished with the book Glaucia about the early church and recently started Adam of the Road to go along with our Medieval History study. Grace is also very speedily trying to memorize the remainder of her lines for the upcoming Shakespeare performance. Algebra is still the bane of her existence. She absolutely hates it but is understanding it more and more as we go. If I can just get through to her the fact of always following the rules and formulas for solving equations then she might have it nailed down.

I will have three reviews posted in the next coming with about God's World News Magazine, Spelling City, and a grammar program through Bridgeway. 

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