Thursday, October 10, 2013

Some Random Stuff From the Past Couple of Days

This week at Cooperative was Heritage Day. Everyone dressed up as their ancestors. We had a little bit of everything. The boy on the right is from an area in India that actually had head hunters.

Yesterday we had to wrangle some chickens that had escaped. The one Grace is holding was not one of them, but she is the most docile bird we have. Her eye was injured in some way as a chick and it has looked like this from early on.

Grace created a couple more bookmarks. Currently we are all kind of Alice crazy because of the new Wonderland show coming on television this week, plus we are going to see a production today at a children's theatre, and Grace is planning on doing a steam punk version for a costume.

This is my Yearbook class at the Cooperative. Great group of kids. Most of these I have known for years.

Finally this is my Puppetry Class practicing "Born in a Barn" to perform next month.

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