Monday, October 28, 2013

D is for Doggie Dentistry

Visits to the dentist has been occupying many of our days over the past month. This includes one of the dogs as well. Puppy is like my third child and we knew the time was coming to get some work done on her mouth. She just turned five but she has the mouth of a much older dog. I have always had trouble with her eating but she had started to really not feel well over the past couple of weeks. Well after a visit with the vet on Saturday we decided to take the plunge (a much costly one at that) and have some dental work done. We started her on an antibiotic and scheduled the dental for this past Friday. Well, 12 extractions later and $500.00 poorer meant Puppy came home with a somewhat brand new mouth. The treatment doesn't end here, she came home with antibiotics, pain meds, restrictions, and a whole lot of TLC. Now if I can just get her to start eating again.

Before and After pics of some really bad teeth.

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The Mueller's said...

We keep putting off the doggy dentistry with our dog. Since she isn't having pain right now, even though there are visible problems, the vet says we are okay putting it off still. But I am so not looking forward to what you just went through!