Monday, October 28, 2013

Progression of Art Over the Years

Art from Grace in 2009 or 2010. She didn't date it so we are unsure.
Grace currently has a fascination these days of going through her old art work and redrawing them. I am sure most of you can see the progression she has made over the years. Many of her friends are always amazed at what she can draw and they get frustrated that they can't do the same. What they don't understand is that Grace has been drawing every day, sometimes up to six hours a day for the last six years. It is her passion. She loves it. What she can do with markers is amazing. The shading of hair, clothing, and eyes fascinates me. I so wish I had just a little of her talent. Okay, now we can go back to the regularly scheduled program and I will stop all the bragging.

Grace draws the same picture today.


Becca said...

What medium did she do Pixxie Stix in?

Karen said...

Grace is very talented. I tell Keilee all the time the same thing. She gets frustrated trying to draw and I tell her if she worked on it as much as she did other things; acting, gymnastics, etc she would get better. I always love seeing Grace's drawings.

Becca said...

Hi, I'm Becca's daughter, and I draw a lot, too. I've read some posts saying Grace wants to do a graphic novel, so I thought that I would give my input. Maybe she could work on something with some friends, where all of them work together on a story, and Grace draws for it. And does she know about the process of making a chapter? Starting with the storyboard and everything? If she doesn't, I learned from a manga series called Bakuman which is written by Tsugumi Ohba and illustrated by Takeshi Obata. Grace's art is really good, and I will continue to follow her work. That's all, I hope I've been helpful!