Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Continuing Education

Being a director of a cooperative means I am constantly learning new things. I am always thinking about what classes we can offer for the next semester. It is almost like I always have to be two step ahead of everyone else in planning. I will be taking over high school drama in the Fall of 2014. Yes, I have assisted and participated in all the drama our theater group has performed for the past 4-5 years. But when I think about taking it completely on myself - well, let's just say I have some learning to do. So off to the library I went to find as many books as possibly to do some studying on performing. 

That is the one thing I truly love about homeschooling my child - the constant influx of education both on her part and mine. Many things I either didn't learn in school or completely forgot about. I get to relearn everything with Grace plus some. 

In January I will be assisting (directing some of the scenes) in Fiddler on the Roof plus teaching an American Girls Book Club with activities, as well as my 4:12 service group which will be expanding to include puppetry and skits to perform at other venues. In the Fall I will be looking at teaching High School Drama (completely on my own), 4:12 service group, God Rods for either high school or elementary, and possibly an introduction to acting/improvisation class. This means lots of studying over the next 6-8 months to prepare.

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