Thursday, October 24, 2013

Creativity Abounds

Saturday is the Fall Festival at our church. Our car will be part of the trunk or treat portion. Grace enjoys dressing up and handing out candy to the kids. This year is will be dressing as a mime that is an anime character, hence why you are seeing purple ears and horns. She made them out of clay and then painted them.

As many of you know we are studying birds all year for science. This month Grace has been reading the book Avian Architecture. One of her hands on activities was to choose one of the nests she studied and build it herself. She has always enjoyed watching hummingbirds and recently we watched some youtube videos of a hummingbird building a nest. She is painting the nest, eggs and birds. I will share once they are completely finished.

Grace is always creating characters. Since she sold all three pieces of her art at the art show she has had a resurgence of inspiration to create more art.

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Sandra said...

We really enjoyed the book Avian Architecture. Looking forward to seeing the finished nest, eggs and bird. Grace really is creative and I enjoy seeing how you build that into your days.