Saturday, October 26, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up 10/26/13

This week turned out to be a relatively normal one. Lots of creativity on Grace's part. She created some items out of clay including the above ears and horns for a costume she will be eventually wearing to an anime convention.

Lots of drawing too.

In English Grace read and answered some questions in our King Alfred's English book. I am reading through this book for the second time and simply can't say enough about it. If you haven't already check it out please go and do so. She wrote in her writing journal for her Creative Writing Class as well as wrote a paragraph for current events. Grace continues working through Marie's Words for vocabulary and Bridgeway English Focus on Grammar for grammar review.

We attended two Zumba classes this week. Hoping to bump it up to three next week. Grace had a friend over last night which hindered us from attending Friday night's class. I am trying slowly to instill a love of exercise in Grace's life but still no love on her part.

Famous Men of the Middle Ages had us studying Harun-Al-Rashid this week. Grace read the chapter and answered the comprehension questions. I also had her pick some words from the text she was not familiar with and define them. We also started reading an abridged version of Beowulf. Believe it or not I have never read it, so far it seems like it will be an interesting read. We continue to read Adam of the Road and see what it is like to be a minstrel traveling and performing during the Middle Ages.

Algebra continues on. This week found Grace learning about simplifying fractions. She just finished a chapter yesterday which would mean a test on Monday, but I feel she needs to review some more before moving on. So I will make a couple of review pages for her to solve some problems before moving on to any new concepts.

In Science we continue on with our bird study. Grace has read three case studies in her Avian Architecture book and created a cup nest out of clay this week. I will share a pic once all the painting is complete. 

Some of the extras we continue to use that rounds out our daily work is Gods World News Magazine, CNN Student News, 25 Truths, High School Prep Genius, the Bible (started the book of John), Who is My Neighbor, reading aloud the new Michael Vey book, and literature reading of A Year Down Yonder.

I am considering purchasing and starting Mapping the World With Art. I would like to use this to round out a geography credit for Grace but I am also interested in using it for a class in my cooperative come Fall of 2014. 

This week Grace's favorite things were creating with clay, watching CNN Student News, and getting ready with her costume for the fall festival.

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Tonia said...

She's a great artist!

I really enjoyed King Alfred's English as well.