Tuesday, October 22, 2013

C is for "Car Troubles"

The past week has been a blur of trading cars in a merry go round fashion. Let me start from the beginning. For five years my son bought, rebuilt, sold, and raced BMWs. Well, every BMW he purchased seemed to have too many problems. Finally last year he grew up and decided BMWs just weren't working for him anymore. So he traded in his last and got a dependable smallish SUV. He was underwater on this trade in and loan, the only way he could get the loan was to purchase an extended warranty for the used vehicle he was purchasing. Thank goodness he did. Last week the engine on the car died. Of course the warranty company is giving him some grief and is requiring the dealership to dismantle the engine so they can look at it. If they deem it fixable or whatever then my son is responsible for paying the dealership for the dismantle of the engine and also to get a new engine. I think the warranty company is trying to not have to pay.

He has a job to get to 40 minutes away each day and he no longer lives at home. So we have been doing the here you can use my car for today and tomorrow you can use your dads and so on. I really don't mind because he is a good kid and never asks us for anything. But I will be awful glad when the car is repaired and we can all go back to normal.

Blogging Through the Alphabet

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Beth said...

I love the blogging through the alphabet. Hope you get the car fixed. We are living with one car and that has been a challenge of coordination.