Friday, October 4, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up

Wow, were did this week go. Each week seems to go by faster and faster. I know we will never get everything accomplished that I had set for this school year. Grace has so many new passions this year to add to the old ones from last year. Drama and art is still a huge part of her life but now she is interested in costuming and cosplaying. The last two are discussed on a daily basis. She is currently in planning mode to create three different costumes to cosplay at the next AWA convention in Atlanta. She wants to stay all three days hence the need of three costumes. One for each day. Anyway for those that don't really know what cosplaying is there is a series you can watch on Hulu Plus called Hereos of Cosplay. Only six episodes but you will kind of get the idea. In the cosplay world there are many females that dress too provocatively but that is not what our family is all about, so we just forge our own path. Grace is currently looking at developing a costume for Astrid for How to Train Your Dragon, a Steam Punk version of Alice in Wonderland in sepia tones, and a character from an anime book. Well, enough of that and let's get on to other things we did this week.

Monday - Grace woke up sick for a little while in the morning due to her medication. This happens a couple of times a month. After she got herself together we got a little bit of school work accomplished. We were supposed to go to a small group meeting that afternoon but it didn't pan out due to waking up yucky. I went to Zumba without Grace after dinner because of the same problem but she did decide to work out on her own at home.

Tuesday - Monday night Grace had a friend sleep over because we were watching her friend while her mother was to leave to go out of town. They did school work together the next morning and then we all headed off to Cooperative. Grace is furiously trying to memorize all her lines for Shakespeare play.

Wednesday - Mostly just school work.

Thursday - Grace had a doctor's appt midday so we took the day off and did some shopping since we had to travel about an hour to get to the doctor's office. Mostly we wanted to look at the Halloween shops for costume ideas for her cosplaying and spirit month at the Cooperative. Imagine Crazy Hat and Hair Day, Vintage Day, Media Character Day, and Heritage Day. The kids are all having a really great time with this.

Friday - This brings us to today. Grace woke up this morning sick again, we are in the process of changing her medication so hopefully this will stop happening. This afternoon we were able to get about half of our school work done and will do the remainder of it tomorrow. No plans for the weekend so we will just play catch up with school work.

What We Did This Week
Grammar Review - Types of Sentences
Reading about different types of nests
Finished The Door in the Wall and Started Adam of the Road
Watched CNN Student News x 4 days
Read God's World News Magazine x 4 days
Continued with the Book of Luke and Who is My Neighbor?
Inverse Operation with Negatives
Spelling City

Grace's favorite thing this week was watching 4 episodes of Heroes of Cosplay getting lots of ideas for future costumes.

Crazy Hat Day at Cooperative


Leslie said...

So sorry to hear that Grace has been sick! I do hope she is soon feeling all better. Sounds like she is having great fun exploring her passions and interests - I love it! My oldest daughter is quite interested in drama too - and a couple of my boys are studying Shakespeare this semester so we have some common interests.

Nicole T said...

I wish I could meet Grace! She sounds so cool!

crzy4myfam said...

So sorry Grace is sick. I have only just started reading your blog. We've enjoyed seeing all of Grace's art. What great talent!