Sunday, September 1, 2013

What Our Sunday Looked Like

Being out of the house two full days during the week really slowed down what was happening around the house. Plus yesterday we went out for the afternoon with my mom and niece. While I had a little extra cash I really needed to find a dress to wear to my niece's wedding next month. So that left me today to get caught up on a lot of "stuff" that had to be taken care of.

We started our morning off with watching an online sermon from Northpoint Church. This is the church where Andy Stanley is the original pastor. Of course now there are like 5 more locations across Atlanta with other pastors as well. Me and Grace are talking about going to the closest location next Sunday which is about an hour away for morning worship.

First on the agenda for today was cooking and baking:

Gluten-free chocolate chip cookies to snack on this week.

Love, love, love deviled eggs. Since we have chickens and all the eggs we can eat, I make deviled eggs just about every week. I like to eat them on the side of lunches and dinners.

A batch of home made dog food. This will last about 7 days.

Writing - I had one review to write that is due this week and a complete study guide about a famous inventor for a company I started working with. 

Still on the list for today is clean two bathrooms, cook dinner, exercise, play a board game with Grace that we are reviewing, and work some more on the study guide I am writing, 

Tomorrow will hold yet more list checking in running errands to get chicken food from the feed store, gluten-free products from the grocery store, painting some cut outs we are using with my puppetry class, get all the lessons ready for my classes on Tuesday and preparing Grace's lessons for Tuesday morning. I am also hoping I will get the study guide finished tomorrow. If not the latest would be Wednesday.

Hoping all you guys had a blessed Sunday!!

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