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TOS Review - PeopleKeys - Disc Career Style Online Report

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Has your child ever wondered what career to pursue as they become an adult? There are so many career choices out there that sometimes it is helpful to use a product that will narrow down your choices that are available and save you some of your valuable time. This is exactly what our family was asked to do by reviewing DISC Career Style Report from PeopleKeys. Through the TOS Review Crew we were allowed this opportunity.

Grace loves taking online personality quizzes. She actually seeks them out, takes the test, and sees if it shows her something new about herself. She even does all the silly ones like, "What Disney princess would you be" - take this quiz and find out. Well this time around she got to take a short quiz with more serious type answers. Grace is only 14 but we are always discussing back and forth what she might want to do with her life. As you can imagine she is young and frankly has no idea. So when we were offered the chance for this review, we became very curious about what it might say about Grace. 

We received the DISC Career Style Report as an online product. Currently it retails for $32.00. The website states:

"This online DISC Report focuses heavily on work place style, communication with others, strengths, potential limitations, and contributions to a team."

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This online report is recommended for ages 13 to adult. When we received the information about the keycode and downloads, it was very easy to navigate through the information and quiz. You may be curious as to what DISC means. I was as well. Evidently DISC is an acronym for Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Compliance. These are four character factors that are based upon the work of Dr. William Marston. If you would like more information about the background of this doctor and test check out the frequently asked questions page on the website. So each person taking the test will get results of :

D - Dominance, the Driven One
I - Influencing, the Inspiring One
S - Stable, the Steady One
C - Compliant, the Correct One

The website plainly states that very few people will be completely one character trait but more of a mixture. Again I would recommend going to the website to get full explanations of how this all works. I am still wrapping my own brain around it.

The quiz itself took us less than 20 minutes to do. I say "we" because Grace was having trouble with some of the questions and asked my opinion. Many of the questions required some life experience to answer. She just really had trouble with some of them because of little experience in those areas. The questions give you four answers which you in turn label as 1 - 4. At times we just had to juggle numbers because the answers didn't quite fit for her. This may have had an effect on the report and recommendations. To make a long story short in my opinion this is geared more toward adults than high school students. We did get a kick out of the career recommendations. Some seemed right on the money while others were completely out of left field for her interests and personality styles. For the "close career matches" some of the recommendations were things that she already loves like: actor, entertainer, fashion designer, artist, and teacher. The price of $32.00 might be more than I would want to pay for the results unless she was a little older.

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Check out PeopleKeys and see if their products might be a good fit for you and your family.

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