Saturday, September 28, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up

This past week was fairly tame compared to the previous week. Thank you to everyone that send prayers and good wishes for my dad. He is at home and still recovering. He has multiple problems and will hopefully continue to improve as each day passes. We found ourselves playing a bit of catch up most the week as far as school goes.

Saturday we traveled to Lawrenceville  for Japan Fest. This is a big cultural event put on each year with Japanese food, vendors, organizations, and demonstrations. The girls had a great time and then her friend came and stayed Saturday night with us as well as going to church with us on Sunday.

I think I am going to do the wrap up a little differently this go around and break it down to subjects.

Current Events - The first thing we do every morning is watch CNN Student News. Grace loves this program and just can't get started in the morning without watching it. So far all we do is watch it and discuss but eventually I would like to start utilizing it more thoroughly to round out a credit for Current Events. We are also reviewing God's World News Magazine for high schoolers. I am including this in our Current Events material and will be writing a review for this soon.

Personal Development - We continue reading 25 Truths and High School Prep Genius every Tuesday morning before Cooperative. This week was about study skills and learning how to read for learning as well as taking notes.

Science - Finally finished Wesley the Owl and Grace wrote a paper about the author and book. We continue to log birds into our bird log and watch the new feeding station we put together. Hoping to go on a larger bird watching expedition soon.

History - This week Grace learned about Mohammad from her Famous Men of the Middle Ages. She read the chapter and answered some comprehension questions. She also filled out a chart comparing Islam and Christianity. Our current go along book for this section is The Door In The Wall.

Other Readings - Grace is reading The Lost Lamb from Lamplighter Publishing. I am reading aloud the new Michael Vey book and hoping to finish it fairly quickly because sometime in October we will be receiving the new Percy Jackson book and will want to jump to that one. We are also almost finished with Glaucia from Salem Ridge Press for early church history.

English - We do lots of stuff for our English credit each week. This week we did a couple of days of King Alfred's English. Again anyone who is interested in the origin of the English language really needs to get this book and read it. Marie's Words flashcards are utilized every day. More review products and reviews are on the way for a grammar and spelling city. Grace also attended her Creative Writing class with the Cooperative and is currently studying different literary terms.

Math - This week found Grace learning how to multiply and divide with negative numbers. 

Exercise - Zumba, Just Dance, and stationary bike.

Drama - Grace continues to memorize her lines for Twelfth Night and she had to do a lot of relearning her previous lines for skits from Acts of Faith. Their last performance as a group for Acts of Faith is tonight. This group will not meet anymore due to the leader moving soon and many of our members graduating and moving on to college. This is bittersweet for everyone involved.

Probably Grace's most fun this week was had by attending the AWA Convention yesterday. Grace is very passionate about cosplaying, anime and manga art. 

This is some character from an anime book or show, not sure which. She is wearing a black wig even though it kind of looks like her current hair cut. They didn't get home last night until very late and were all exhausted. Now they set their sights on the next big convention in May.


Annie Kate said...

Sounds like a good week, overall. Glad your dad is doing better.

King Alfred's English sounds interesting. I'm going to look it up. Thanks for the info.

Mary said...

Japan Fest sounds like a great event!

I really enjoyed reading King Alfred's English.