Tuesday, September 17, 2013

School is Canceled

At least for tomorrow and Thursday. I am plumb tuckered out. Between my dad being in the hospital from last Thursday until today in a town one hour away up to Cooperative classes today, I am pooped. We had a bridal shower for my niece on Saturday in another town in the other direction another hour away, visits to the hospital, church, a new small group that meet for homeschool mothers yesterday in the afternoon, Cooperative classes today and Acts of Faith practice tonight. Gone from 1:15 this afternoon until 9:00 tonight. Tomorrow a birthday party in the afternoon. Grace said she wants to read her science book, Wesley the Owl, to try and finish it plus our new Micheal Vey book came today from Amazon and we really want to start that. She has some line memorizing to do for an Acts of Faith performance in two weeks and we may read an article or two from God's World magazine. Otherwise we are chilling.


Jessica said...

Sounds like a good plan. No need to wear yourself our and have you get sick on top of everything else. Just take care of your family. The rest will fall into place.

Nicole T said...

Sounds like you need it! I just got back from a three day "lake school vacay" with the kids and I am exhausted! I need a vacay from my vacay.