Saturday, September 21, 2013

Japan Fest

Today was the much anticipated trip to Gwinnett for Japan Fest. Grace and her friend have been looking forward to this for a month or so. You see, Grace is fascinated with all things Asian. She loves Japanese culture and art but also loves Korean pop music. Gwinnett is near Atlanta and every year they hold a big cultural event called Japan Fest. This is the first year that we have ever gone. In the above picture is a drum group performing. Loud but really entertaining.

Lots of neat picture opportunities. 

We also saw a weapons demonstration, ate some Japanese food and just looked at a lot of vendors. Lots of neat Japanese snacks, art, toys, etc.

We got there right when the doors opened at 10:00a.m. As the day wore on it got more and more crowded and it was pouring rain outside. By 2:00 it was just too crowded to walk around so we high tailed it home. The drive was exhausting because of incredibly hard rain. We made it safely home and Grace was happy that she got to go.

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