Friday, September 6, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up

We actually had a very busy week. Monday was a holiday and believe it or not we didn't do anything to celebrate. Mainly stayed at home and caught up on some chores and rest from the previous week of wedding activities. Tuesday was Cooperative day, Wednesday a doctor's appt., swim at the river, school and ear piercing, Thursday was just school and Friday found us at another doctor's office with possible infected ears from the ear piercing.

What We Studied and Discussed
Financial Literacy
Bird Taxonomy
Finishing 1st Chapter in Algebra
Clovis from Famous Men of Middle Ages
Journal Writing

What We Are Reading
The White Dove
A Door in the Wall
25 Truths
High School Prep Genius
Book of Luke
Who is my Neighbor?
King Alfred's English

Classes We Attended
Drama Class
LEGO Design Class
Yearbook Staff Class
Creative Writing Class

Reviews We Are Working On
Peoples Keys (review next week)
The Presidential Game
Bridgeway Grammar (shipment coming next week)
God's World News Magazine (shipment in a couple of weeks)

Something that Grace really enjoyed this week was the review we are doing for The Presidential Game. Playing this game became very competitive this past weekend. I will have a review up for this game in a couple of weeks. 
Grace is working on some new artwork for an upcoming art show called "Fears and Phobias"


Leah Courtney said...

We are enjoying the Presidential Game also. I am excited to review it.

Nicole T said...

That girl is crazy talented!

Leslie said...

You are having a really productive week in spite of the interuptions! We enjoyed King Alfred's English. Agreeing that your dd is very talented.

Karen said...

Did you do all the 'school work' on Wednesday and Thursday? Our crazy schedule starts next week and I am concerned about all the things Keilee wants to get accomplished. We only have 1 entire day at home. I love Grace's drawing! Wonderful.

Tonia said...

Great picture!

Anonymous said...

You always do so much.
I am teaching a Lego Design class to 9-10 year olds at our Co-Op.
I'm trying to keep it fun. It's pretty interesting though.
Your daughter is very talented (I know - you know this).