Sunday, September 29, 2013


For the past two years Grace has been involved with a traveling drama ministry team named Acts of Faith. Originally the group was 11 members but a couple moved away and one went to college. Then the group asked two new members to join and we were a strong group of 9. Now the leader, my newly married friend, will be moving in the next six months or so and two more members could not continue on with this year with another off to college and one working as a missionary in Africa for three months. To make a long story short last night was their last performance. This group has been a large part of our lives and we will miss it very much. Especially the strong ties the remaining members have with one another. Grace has always been the youngest in the group starting as a 7th grader and now finishing up as a 9th grader. As much as we will miss the fellowship of the group Grace is ready to move on to other challenges.

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