Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Ch Ch Changes

There is one thing we can always count on. Change. Our little Fine Arts Cooperative has grown since we first began almost two years ago. It has taken over our lives, but we secretly love it. Drama, music, choir, art, literature, and now even some science and history thrown in the mix. My partner in crime is one of my best friends. We started this endeavor together and now I am going to have to mentor another friend to take that position. My partner has recently remarried and will be moving five hours away. She is very happy so I am very happy for her but will miss her terribly. My partner has always headed up the drama department and I have assisted. Well now I must pull myself up by the bootstraps and take over high school drama and my other friend whom I am mentoring will be taking over elementary drama. We are both excited about this but also a little anxious. Will the students still be so excited about drama with another teacher coming on board. Will we be able to handle it. All questions that come this fall we will find the answers to. Also because I will be tied up with a drama class that typically takes up to 1 1/2 hours - that will take me away from 1-2 classes I was scheduled to teach in the elementary area. This means recruiting more teachers.

Currently we have 65 students enrolled for this semester and 5-8 more families interested in joining up next semester. How big do we let this become? The Cooperative has exploded. Me and my soon to be new partner feel very strongly about a place in our community for this Fine Arts Cooperative. Not only for the students but for spreading God's love in the community through music, art, and dramatic performances.

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Jessica said...

Congratulations on creating something so wonderful that families are waiting to join. I don't doubt you will find all the resources you need to make this a continued success!