Friday, September 20, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up - The Week Full of Everything

This week has really been busy, tiring, and playing catch up. My dad was put in the hospital last Thursday and finally came home Tuesday afternoon. So far so good on that front. He has many specialists he will need to continue seeing over the next few weeks to get him back on track.

Saturday found me and Grace attending my niece's bridal shower. Lots of great food and seeing family and friends we had not seen in awhile. Great fellowship. Also the house that the shower was held was just incredible. Imagine a rustic looking log cabin home but modern. 

Sunday I attended church as Grace wasn't feeling well upon waking. With her being on three different types of medication, you never know from one moment to the next what she is going to feel like. Our church as been without a pastor for a long time and this Sunday we had a pastor come and preach that might be a good candidate to fill the position. They are a homeschooling family which makes it quite interesting to me. After church and lunch we both headed to the hospital for a visit with my dad.

Monday we did a little bit of school in the morning. We were invited to join a new small group that was forming from another church in town. This small group was made up of other homeschooling mothers. All the kids played outside while the mothers talked and decided how the small group would work. It was very enjoyable and I think with it only happening twice a month we will continue to participate. After dinner me and Grace attended a Zumba toning class.

Tuesday was of course Cooperative day. In the morning Grace worked on some personal development materials and corrected some missed algebra problems. Acts of Faith met after Cooperative to practice for a performance that will take place in two weeks. By the time we reached home we were both exhausted and I declared no school for Wednesday and maybe even Thursday.

On Wednesday we attended a birthday party. It was to be a swimming party but the temps decided to dip a little too much for swimming. 

On Thursday we did a little school work focusing mostly on review products. Currently we are reviewing Bridgeway English, God's World News Magazine, and VocabularySpelling City. We also set up our bird feeding station for her ornithology science class. Looking forward to seeing many birds once they actually find the food. Grace rode her stationary bike and I went on a long walk.

This brings us to today which is Friday. Some school work planned but not a lot. Again we are working on our review products and catching up on some writing assignments. It has been nice to kind of cut back on the school work over the past few days and just take a breath. 

I would have to say that our favorite thing for this week would have to be getting Michael Vey Battle of The Ampere. This is the third book in the series and we have waited almost a year for it to come out. If you are a fan of youth fiction this is a good time of the year to be a reader. Next month the new book from Rick Riordan comes out, which we have already pre-ordered and sometime in October the last book of Divergent will be out. 

I also posted a review for a really fun game that our family has enjoyed this week and you might want to check it out here - The Presidential Game.

Tomorrow we will be waking up early and leaving to go to Japan Fest. I am quite sure that will be Grace's favorite thing for next week.


Home Is Where They Send Us said...

I'm glad your Dad is home from the hospital. Hopefully he will be stronger each day. Also, that bridal shower cupcake/cake looks amazing! I always love other peoples creativity!!! YUM!

Chris said...

What a full and fun week!
Loved it!

Good luck to your niece!! :)

found you, too, at the WUHSer link up this weekend!

Be well and enjoy the weekend!