Friday, August 30, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up

My friend that got married made her own wedding cake.
Well, we did not do a ton of school work this week. Obviously Tuesday was tied up with classes at Cooperative. Wednesday and Thursday had us setting up/decorating for a wedding and then the rehearsal and wedding was on Thursday. I was gone all day both days. In the process of moving lots and lots of chairs and tables I have completely messed up my lower back. It bums me to say that I haven't not been able to do a lick of exercise since Monday. If I am no better it will be to the doctor this coming Monday. Below you will find some of the stuff we did get accomplished:

Studied and Discussed
Owl Study
Theodoric and Clovis from Famous Men of the Middle Ages
Creative Writing Fractured Fairy Tale
Review of Quotations and Parentheses in Sentences
Filled out book report form for Twenty-One Balloons
Art History with Time4Learning

Reading Materials
Wesley the Owl
Twenty-One Balloons
Famous Men of the Middle Ages
The Door in the Wall
The Book of Luke
Who is My Neighbor from What I Believe Series
25 Truths
High School Prep Genius

What We Watched
CNN Student News
Nature Documentary about the Snowy Owl
Online sermon from Northpoint Church with Andy Stanley

Sadly one Zumba class on Monday

Reviews We Are Working On
The Presidential Game
People Keys
Bridgeway Grammar Review

Classes Attended
Creative Writing
LEGO Design
Yearbook Staff

I am sure that Grace would say her favorite thing this week was 1) watching the doves under the bridge,while swimming at the river, feed their babies in the nest and 2) watching the Snowy Owl documentary on Netflix. She also enjoyed helped serving food at the wedding last night. 
Grace watching Snowy Owl documentary today.

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Annie Kate said...

I love Twenty One Balloons (read it aloud last spring) and Door in the Wall!

Sounds like you had good learning week, both book skills and real life.

I do hope your back soon feels well so you can exercise again!