Thursday, August 8, 2013

Have You Every Thought About Teaching a Yearbook Class

A few months ago I got it into my head the possibility of teaching a Yearbook class to upper grades through our Cooperative. The review of Picaboo Yearbooks, which you can read through the link, sealed the deal for me. Firstly our Cooperative was looking for a good fundraiser. Secondly I wanted it to be something the students could really be a part of. In walked the idea of a Yearbook Class.

When I started the thought processes for this class I knew it would need to cap the class to a smaller amount of students. My final student count is 10 but I was willing to accept up to 12. I did do some recruiting because I knew of a couple of girls in the Cooperative that were huge photography buffs. My next step was to actually create a class where they all learned a few things as well as created a product that families would purchase.

Our Cooperative runs in semesters. This means I have 14 class times to teach the students the highlights of creating a yearbook and producing the product as well. The way that the Picaboo Yearbooks software is set up will allow the students to do some work from their home if needed. Some items we will be learning and touching on include:

  • Typical jobs that are sectioned out among a Yearbook Staff
  • Choosing layouts, backgrounds, accents, covers, colors, etc.
  • How to create a good caption
  • How to Take Better Pictures
  • Choosing what goes into the book, how many pages, content, etc.
  • Editing photos, pages, and entire project
  • Cost of book and how to set up a storefront on Picaboo's site
  • Creating a schedule of who will be doing what and when they will be doing it
  • Choosing partners/groups to work on certain layouts
Even though the class is referred to as "Yearbook Class" this book will actually be more of a memory book of the entire semester. All 60 students will be found somewhere in the book. It may be through group class photos, recitals, performances, candids, or special recognition. We have 36 families participating with the possibility of selling 36 memory books. This could go a long with in helping to fund the next semester's drama production, new sound or lighting equipment, art supplies, and other items that are needed to continue on for subsequent semesters. If this class goes well we may offer it every year or maybe even every semester. Parents truly love to have something to remember what their children have accomplished and the students love having pictures of their friends. 


LaughingLioness said...

YES! I thought about the same thing as I was making the Picaboo Yearbook. Wouldn't this be a blast!

Jessica said...

I want to do this with my girls. I think we have a fantastic year planned and now that they are older and would have yearbooks if they were in school, I think they would love to design their own!

The Zookeeper said...

Very neat idea, we absolutely loved our yearbook and plan to do it yearly!