Monday, August 5, 2013

Getting Excited

Today was our teacher's meeting for the upcoming semester of our Cooperative. This will be the second year since me and a close friend started a fine arts cooperative. We started somewhat small last year with 2-3 teachers and now we have exploded with 8 teachers and 34 families participating. There will be classes in drama, choir, art, yearbook, crafts, creative writing, puppetry, literature, and LEGOS. Next week is our first day. Today at the meeting all the details were ironed out and auditions are tomorrow for the elementary drama class that will perform The Aristocats in December. The upper grades will be learning Shakespeare and have a Night of Shakespeare in November. A Spring Formal is also in the works for the upper grades. It is so exciting at the beginning of a semester getting everything together, meeting new families, and just enjoying the fellowship with the participating families.

I will be teaching four classes this go around with elementary art, puppetry arts, fun with literature, and yearbook staff. I still need to find a certain book for my first class on Tuesday of next week otherwise I am set. Grace is also very excited to get back to it. Seeing all her friends and just being busy again.

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